Nitika Sharma, Marketing and Events Intern

Lewis McNeill, Architecture Intern

Daniella Dei, Volunteer Coordinator Intern

Olivia Pires, Scottish Government Intern

Joe Wyman, Social Media Intern

Nitika Sharma, Marketing and Events Intern at Mackay Hannah.

"It's my first time working in a practice so seeing how a practice is run has been very eye opening. It's been a really good and varied experience."

Lewis McNeill, Architecture Intern at Dress for the Weather. 

"My internship provided me with the perfect opportunity to expand my skill-set straight out of university. I worked on a diverse range of projects including the exciting Host City Volunteers Programme for the Commonwealth Games. I would definitely recommend Adopt an Intern to anyone looking to kick off their career in style."

Daniella Dei, Volunteer Placement Coordinator Intern at Glasgow Museums. 

"Adopt an Intern helped me find a dream placement in Government that enabled me to contribute my talents and develop new professional skills that will make me stand out in today’s competitive workforce."

Olivia Pires, Generalist Intern at The Scottish Government. 

Joe Wyman, Social Media Intern at the PR Machine. 

Natasha Charlton, PR and Communications Intern

Tom Forster, Logistics and Operations Intern

Serena Mariani, Marketing Intern

Daniel Jones, Commonwealth Games Legacy Intern

Laura Waddell, Literary Au Pair

"Every day as an intern is different and I feel that my input has really been valued. It was such a confidence boost to have an employer drawing on your skills and expertise without questioning your abilities… the positive feedback I have received throughout my internship has given me my drive and motivation back again.

Natasha Charlton, PR and Communications Intern at the Brunswick Group in Germany. 

"This job is exactly what I was looking for, but this experience in its entirety just goes beyond everything I could have possibly expected from an internship." 

Tom Forster, Logistics and Operations Intern at Rolls Royce. 

"Adopt an Intern is a great programme because it gives graduates like me a big boost in these hard times. Looking for a job was a nightmare and by interning, you can learn some basics skills and make connections with people in the sector that you would like to work. What I found most important about Adopt an intern is that by being paid as an intern, I was more motivated in working with the company, resolving issues for them, working on my own initiative and develop some of my ideas to them. I would definitely recommend it to all graduates."

Serena Mariani, Marketing Intern at CPP Seminars Scotland. 

"Working within the Commonwealth Games Division has given me a raft of new skills and helped me to build upon ones I had before. I know that, wherever my career path might take me after my internship is over, I will have a whole range of new skills and competencies to demonstrate to future employers.” 

Daniel Jones, Commonwealth Games Legacy Intern at The Scottish Government.

"Making space in industries which can be difficult for graduates to break into is really something Adopt An Intern do very well. The experience has been invaluable as well as leaving some room for me to develop my own initiatives in the workplace, and I feel very positive that my post-degree career has begun in such a fashion. I now have a much clearer idea of my strengths and how to move forward in my chosen field." 

Laura Waddell, Literary Au Pair for Sara Sheridan.

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    Public Affairs Intern with Association of British Insurers


    Location:  Central London 

    £9.40 p/h 
    Full-time, for 6 months 
    Immediate start 
    Closing date: 7 November 2016, 5pm 


    Business Support Intern with The Lens




    Location: Glasgow
    £8.25 per hour
    Full-time, for 5 months
    November 2016 start
    Closing date: 3 November 2016, noon



    Finance Assistant for Park Circus Ltd / Arts Alliance Ltd


    Location: Glasgow 

    £9-10 per hour
    Full-time for 12 weeks 
    Immediate start 
    Closing date: 26 October 2016, noon


    Business & Learning Support Intern with Children’s University Scotland




    Location: Edinburgh (some travel across Scotland)
    £8.25 per hour
    Full-time for 12 months (subject to successful two-month probation)
    November 2016 start
    Closing date:  28 October 2016, noon


    Development Manager with Children’s University Scotland





    Location: Dundee (3 days per week) and Fife (2 days)*
    £22,000 per annum
    Full-time, permanent
    Immediate start
    Closing date:  1 November 2016, noon



    Young Academy Officer with RSE Young Academy of Scotland




    Location: Edinburgh
    £22,432 per annum
    Full-time, fixed term*
    9 January 2017 start
    Closing date: Friday 4 November 2016, noon



    Spring Fling Intern with Upland Arts Development CIC


    Location: Dumfries
    £8.25 per hour
    Part-time, 400 hour contract, 1-2 days per week (days to be negotiated)
    Immediate start
    Closing date: 4 November 2016, 5pm 


    Trainee Civil Engineer for WH Malcolm




    Location: Glasgow

    £12K - 20K per annum (DOE)
    Full-time, permanent position
    Immediate start
    Closing date: 25 October 2016, noon

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